October 5, 2015

Ramen Stir Fry Noodles

My mom used to make this ramen stir fry for my sisters and me after we got home from school. I remember it being delightfully saucy and delicious and was always happy to see her squirting ketchup into the wok while she was making it because ketchup was and is my favorite condiment.

It may sound weird to you but the tomato cuts the saltiness of soy sauce in a peculiarly unique way and makes a very good acidic, salty, dare I say, UMAMI flavor combination. I made my mom's stir fry with a plethora of vegetables and it made for the most satisfying and filling dinner. 

I added 2-4 tablespoons of ketchup and a tap of chili pepper flakes to the sauce. I also multiplied the sauce by 1.5 because I like my stir fries extra saucy!

October 3, 2015

Oatmeal S'mores Bars

I was recently introduced to giant marshmallows which led to the most epic s'mores making session I've ever had. The marshmallow was so big that I had to put some of it on top of my s'more sandwich as well as in between the graham crackers. It was messy and delightful in every way.

Shortly after I made some oatmeal s'more bars which were quite frankly, not the same. They were, however, quite delicious as the oatmeal cookie bottom and top (which acted as the graham cracker layers in a normal s'more) was spiced and doughy like a regular cookie. The inside was filled with a layer of chocolate chips and a layer of mini marshmallows. It was the perfectly courteous way to eat a s'more at work after lunch without getting marshmallow all over my face (I hope).

September 30, 2015

Pizza Poppers

Did you guys ever eat those frozen Totino's pizza rolls growing up? The ones that look like this:

Growing up, I ate frozen food galore. I ate hot pockets, bagel bites, and more but these were my absolute favorite! I remember eating 12 rolls after school let out for an afternoon snack! But I haven't had any since high school and started randomly missing them. So I made some and they tasted just the same! But of course better in that there were no preservatives. I like when homemade versions taste like the original (bad) version of something. Part of the reason the original ones are so good is BECAUSE they're cheesy and gooey and fatty.

Actually this recipe uses pizza dough, pizza sauce, Italian sausage and mozzarella, all of which I got from Trader Joe's so none of it was unhealthy per se. It takes some time but by the second batch I was going a lot faster. And yes I did make it twice in a weekend because it was such a big hit the first time!

First step is to make the filling and portion the dough out into golf ball sizes. Then you roll the dough out to a rectangle that is 4" long and plop the filling on one side of the rectangle 1" apart from each other.

Next you fold the dough over the filling side and then seal the edges by pressing them together. You just take a knife and slice the dough in between each mound of filling and seal the edges of the poppers up! 

Place them on an oiled pan and brush each popper liberally with olive oil. 

The finished product with a side of pizza sauce! So yummy! 

Recipe from: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-pizza-poppers-125649

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