September 14, 2011

Zengo's All-You-Can-Eat-and-Drink brunch!

This is one of my favorite restaurants near the beach (along with Manchego, Amelia's, and Bay Cities). It also has one of the best deals you can get anywhere in town. All-you-can-eat tapas, and all-you-can-drink drinks from a selection of 5 fantastic cocktails (lychee martini was a favorite!). Each dish is prepared with good flavor and excellent presentation so props to Zengo for churning out tapas during the busy weekend brunch without compromising anything.

I love this kind of food - Asian/Spanish fusion with pops of flavor - so there is definitely a bias towards giving places like this a good review. Pair it with the drinks and I was a happy, albeit overly stuffed and hungover, girl!

The Bacon Fried Rice with fried egg, scallion, shitake mushroom. Nothing out of this world, but I appreciated it for its lack of greasiness.

My least favorite of the day: Peking Duck Hash. The plaintain in the hash really threw us off. Too sweet and mushy?

Probably my favorite! Thai Chicken Empanadas with chile poblano, oaxaca cheese, and mango salsa. I was impressed with how piping hot the crispy outside and soft insides were!

Sea Bass Ceviche with aji amarillo, red onion, cucumber, apple, tomato, and shiso. A bit too sweet for me but I still think Zengo is a great place to pig out on ceviche since it's usually a little pricey!

Banh Mi Slides with AChiote Pork, Pickled Vegetables, and Citrus Aioli. I liked the pickled veggies, but the meat, bun, and aioli were all a little greasy for my taste.

Yucca Fries with Miso mustard and Lemon sake. Super good! WE LOVE FRIES so there is a definitely a predilection here but these had an interesting new texture and the dipping sauce tasted like mayo with sriracha!

Vegetarian Roll - standard tasting but I don't mind.

Beef Tenderloin Benedicit with Poached Egg, Kimchee, and Hollandaise. At this point, we were so full we could barely enjoy this one. So a fair review is hard to present to you!

Overall, a solid 4/5 for a place with great service, decor, food, and prices! They have a happy hour and a fixed price lunch menu as well. We only tried about half of the tapas available during the brunch menu so if anyone wants to join me for round 2, let me know!

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